How does rain form in clouds

People have many questions. For example, the chicken is not coming first or the egg is coming first. Why is it raining? Why does the ice freeze? Why is this? What happens next? What is the reason behind this? Many such questions are and will always be in people's minds. Because it is a natural process of ours. It is our habit all the time to find something, to invent mysteries, to solve problems and to think about something.

We will share something different with you. Because we live on a planet where different seasons, unknown information and unreal events happen. The strangest planet in space is Earth. We are just beginning to understand this mystery. One of these mysteries is the knowledge about rain or water. You will be surprised to hear that water has existed on our planet for a long time. Which we are drinking. It never ends here. Rather it is repetitive. From the sky our earth looks blue and green. And the reason is the huge sea and the terrain. The earth has 71 percent water. Where 98.5 percent is sea. The rest of the water is stored in the earth's interior. What a surprise! There is more water in our body and in the earth. Because we are the children of the earth. According to scientists, our body contains 75% water. So by now you must have realized how important Ani plays in our lives.

And this one topic raises a lot of questions in our minds so we are going to give you some important information. Through which you can easily understand why and how it rains. Getting started with some important information:

It seems much easier to see the rain. But many people do not know how it is. From the moment we breathe into the surrounding rivers and the feeling of coming out of the sea when they go up to the sky they form a group. And from it comes down to earth in the form of rain. In the heat of the sun, water particles evaporate and become so light that they fly through the sky. The temperature of the sky is low so the vapor particles go into the sky and turn into ice.

Now a question arises that how the sky is still turned into ice? The current will come there, it will not go big in the sky by itself. He needs drying and the force of attraction with one another to become an episode. Yes. Billions of water droplets from the earth come into the sky every day and this is why they combine with each other to form ice. And when the ice gets too heavy it starts to go down. But as the big earth moves closer, it turns into water due to the high temperature of the earth. Thus rain is created.

The water particles evaporate and stay in the sky for ten days. Which turns into rain after crossing thousands of kilometers. Badal is always stored in the sky. Badal keeps crores of liters of water with him. If this water goes down to earth together, the whole earth will go underwater. Water has been repeating itself for billions of years and will continue to do so. But overpopulation and polluted weather are creating many obstacles in the way of rain. So we should prevent pollution of the environment and weather.

At the same time, we hope you like our discussions and you will benefit a lot.
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