If You Want To Become An Air Hostess Then You Should Know These Things



Become An Air Hostess
Become An Air Hostess

Thousands of girls want to be air hostesses because of their attractiveness. Seen from a distance, it seems that the air hostess is the one who greets all the passengers with good make-up and takes care of everyone during the journey. But is the job of an air hostess so easy? Not so easy. Caring for different passengers, welcoming them, and maintaining it with patience is really a big job. Again in an emergency, you have to deal with a lot of bad situations and be prepared for any situation. If you have these qualities in you, then you can choose this profession and move forward.



Now we are going to tell you what you need to know if you want to be an air hostess. Let's get started:



What you need to know most about


1. You must pass 12 classes.

2. You need to know different types of languages. Those words need to be pronounced correctly and used. You need to be proficient in speaking and understanding English. 

3. You also need to have good communication skills. 

4. Your physical constitution plays a very important role. Therefore, pay special attention to your physical constitution. 

5. Good mind presentation, positive attitude and common sense will make you the best in this profession. 

6. Your height should be 158.5 cm and eye ray should be 6/7. 

7. To be an air hostess, the age limit should be 18-25 years. 

8. The most important feature is that you have to learn to be calm and patient in many bad situations and in bad situations. You can't be angry even after getting the same question over and over again from the passengers. Rather you have to deal with them with a smile.

need to have good communication skills

Preparing for the test and interview


1. You can test how patient you are by sitting with your friends. Here you can put a situation where you will get very angry or you will get worried.


2. There are many institutions where these are taught. You can go to institutions and get admitted and take full training to become an air hostess.


3. From time to time many airlines publish applications. Some airlines conduct written tests. And there are skilled new air hostesses.


4. There you will be asked all the questions related to the aptitude test.


5. In order to prepare for the exam, you have to read everything in general. You have to keep your mind ready to answer all the questions.


Here are some opportunities to move forward


Like any other profession, there are many opportunities to move forward. After becoming a senior air hostess, there is a chance to become a senior flight lieutenant. The career of an air hostess lasts 8-10 years. They are then assigned to ground duties or management.


What is the salary of an air hostess?


At the beginning of air hostage, the salary is 2-4 lakhs. As time goes on and your experience increases, your salary will increase accordingly.


British Airways

Where can you find a job at


Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Qantas Airlines, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Air India, Air India Express, Air Asia, Air Arabia, Bangkok Airways, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Druk Air, Emirates etc.

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