Symptoms Of Weak Nervous System

This is how we humans think about how our brain works. 70 to 80% out of 100% should work properly. But only 1 to 2% of our brain works properly. We think that the brain does not work properly. Yet we are proud of our mental expansion. For one thing, scientists believe that only 1% of our brains can function properly. But our minds do not want to accept that. It is in our minds that we are called the best in what we have discovered. It is true that we have discovered chemistry, biology, physics, agriculture, medicine, various music for a better mind, different technologies, instruments for surgery, etc. We, humans, see what we have discovered, but we do not understand what we have lost in these technologies. We do not realize in our profit and loss what we have gained and what we have lost. In fact, once our mind believes that we are the greatest, it is not willing to think about anything else. We do not know when we will lose the things we need in order to live a good life. Due to which our brain is not able to do its part. The brain's main functions are memory, intelligence, scanning, data storage, calculation, accuracy, copying, problem-solving, protection, prediction, and thinking. But the shame is that this work of the brain is not done properly by us. We almost all forget a lot. It is human nature to forget science. The deepest thing is that the scientists of our world take such a big thing very lightly. Forgetting something sometimes brings with it dangers that can be compared to attack. Remembering everything is the work of human memory. But if something goes wrong or falls behind, it fails. Like a heart attack. And I don't think it can be a small thing. The human brain is the largest machine in the world. But such a large developed machine fails to work properly. We have many different types of cells. There are many more cells such as leukemia cell, heart cell, muscle cell, WBC, RBC, bone cell, sensory cell, gernt cell, epithelial cell etc. These cells never forget to do their job. But the brain cell forgets why it works. As soon as a baby is born, all the cells start working. And the whole life continues to work them in quiet peace. But the great cell of our brain cannot learn anything even by going to school, college, university. Even after learning something with a lot of attention, we easily forget. On the other hand, eyes, ears, nose, liver do all the work by themselves. The job of the memory power of our brain is to remember everything in detail. 

For example, if you met or met someone ten years ago, you should remember him 10 years later. That's the man I met on this date this year. My friend was wearing this color then, I was wearing this color. Moreover, it sounded so much at that time. People in the neighborhood were wearing such clothes. Moreover, it sounded so much at that time. People in the neighborhood were wearing such clothes. We talked for so many minutes. Everything we should remember even after 10 years and correctly with full details. This is called a good memory. For example, handwork is to catch something. If a person eats apples every day, it is not that he has eaten apples for ten years. And not to mention that after 10 years he will forget to pick apples. No one will say that I picked an apple ten years ago and now 10 years later I have forgotten how to pick an apple. No human hand or mouth will ever tell them to do their own thing. The handiwork of that man is to catch something. Just like that he doesn't forget to catch anything. Thus the brain's job is to remember everything. The brain can remember everything it sees, hears, feels, or thinks. But forgetting a bad aspect can never be a good quality. There should be no limit to our brain's ability to remember, like the Internet. Humans can do natural analysis and synthesis. Only human beings can identify it by looking at different colors. People can bind their memory and knowledge in any language. Only human beings can make great discoveries, solve problems and discover the earth, the air, the sky, and the hidden information. Only people know that history has something to say. Hey, everything comes in handy when it has the ability to hold data storage. But if he forgets everything, what is the use of surviving like this? People can see, feel, and say everything. All this is possible only when there is a good memory.

Not to mention the accuracy. Our brains sometimes don’t work properly. Once you remember a word well, you have to work hard to remember it a second time. We can't guess anything accurately. If a computer is given a task, it can answer it correctly. But we can't. No super machine succeeds unless it is 100% efficient. And people spend most of their time in confusion.

One more thing I can say with this is the power of scanning. This capacity of our brain is also zero. My idea is that when we talk to someone, our focus should be not only on them but also on the environment around them. As if we could say that this man has passed by me at this moment at this moment in this second. If a scene catches our eye, our brain scans that scene completely. Or remember it well as well as the little things. Scientists say that the working speed of the brain is much higher than that of any supercomputer. To date, no computer or machine has been created that works much faster than the human brain. If we sit down to read a book, many of our misconceptions go away. The computer was invented a few years ago, but the human brain has been working for ages. Our human age limit is very high up to 100 years but evolution lasts less than that. In such a short time people have invented a high-speed computer.

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